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EU-China relation
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    rows stronger against U.S. passage of Hong K▓ong-related legislation11-22-2019 09:59 BJTHONG KONG, Nov. 21 -- Voices of opposition against the passage of a Hong Kong-related le▓gis

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    lation by the U.S. Congress has grown stronger in Hong ▓Kong as local authorities, experts and business g▓roups warned it would not help calm down the c

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    urr▓ent situation but only harm the interests ▓of both sides.The Hong Kong Special Administrative ▓Region (HKSAR) government on Thursday expr▓essed strong oppos

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pposition against the pass
age of a Hong Ko

ition to the passage o▓f the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and th▓e other act on Hong Kong in the U.S▓. House of Represent

ed legislation by

atives after the bills were▓ approved by the U.S. Senate.Passage of the legislation has sent a wrong signal to violent protesters a

the U.S.
Congress has grow

nd would not help calm down the current s▓ituation in Hong Kong, the HKSAR government said in a statement.Those unnecessary and unwar

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er in Hong K

ranted acts will har▓m the relations between the two sides and their c▓ommon interests, the HKSAR government said, ▓reiterating that

ong a▓s
local authoriti

foreign legislatures should not▓ interfere in any form in the intern▓al affairs of the HKSAR.The passage of legislation also trigger

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rts and business ▓g

ed concerns about the economic prospects of Hong Kong among economic exp▓erts in Hong Kong, who pointed out that ▓restrictive trade

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